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How to Stop Demand Barking

Did you know that demand barking is different from other types of barking, like watchdog barking, spooky barking, or barking when alone? Kevin dives in deep to demand barking this week on his Facebook Live - breaking down what it is, why it works for dogs, and how to stop it. You'll learn:

  1. How to teach more appropriate behaviors. We always like to focus on what we DO want dogs to do instead of what we DON'T want them to do. Demand barking is no different.

  2. How to manage and prevent the barking. Every time your dog barks to demand something and he gets it ("it" could be attention, food, greeting another dog, going for a walk, etc.) in return, he's becoming an expert. The secret to stopping the behavior is stopping the reinforcement.

  3. Options for punishing the behavior without having to hurt or scare your dog. Learn how we use timeouts to teach dogs that demand barking actually gets them further from the thing they want.

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