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Gates Can Save The Day

Gates are a relatively inexpensive way to prevent unwanted behaviors. Dogs cannot bolt through doors if they cannot access them. They also can’t get on the counters or raid the garbage if there’s something blocking their path.

Did you know that a gate could also open up your dog’s world too? Pictured to the right is the set up that we have on our back porch. Our yard isn’t completely fenced in and our dog Rosa loves to sunbathe. Our solution was to put up a gate to block off access to the yard so she can go out as much as she wants and get some fresh air. Prior to having this she was spending way more time indoors than she’d prefer.

We also have a gate to block off access to our upstairs. Rosa would love to go upstairs, but it’s risky due to her age. This doubles as a nice little vestibule that we can have Rosa behind if we ever need to leave the door open to bring things in or out. The gate we use is retractable.

Do you have gates up in your home?

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