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Meet the Team

Kevin Duggan, CTC

Owner/Founder, Certified Behavior Consultant

Kevin owns and operates All Dogs Go To Kevin. He found his way to professional dog training when working with his own dog on reactivity, which left him with an insatiable desire to help other dogs and their people on the same path. He opened ADGTK in 2012.


He is an Honors Graduate of the world-renowned Academy for Dog Trainers, an institution widely regarded as the “Harvard for Dog Trainers.” Kevin shares his home with his wife Kelly Duggan, their sons Dexter and Julian, and their rescue dog Rosa.   

Bob Dietrich, CPDT-KA

Certified Dog Trainer

Bob has been with ADGTK since late 2017.  He became interested in dog training after fostering rescued dogs.  The challenges of seeing dogs with complicated behavior problems, fear, and reactive issues led him to learn and train exclusively with non-aversive, reward based methods.


Bob has his CPDT-KA (Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed) certification from the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers and has completed the Master Course for Aggression in Dogs. He is continuing his education through more classes and webinars. 


He is available to assist clients with basic behavior training as well as most fear and reactivity issues.  


Bob retired in 2021after 33 years of service as a full-time Fire Fighter and Paramedic with the City of Kent.  His wife is a retired school teacher and his son is a Music Therapist.  They have three dogs (all rescues).  They enjoy taking camping trips with their dogs whenever they can.

Tovah Lynn, CTC

Certified Behavior Consultant

Tovah joined the ADGTK team in 2022 and is an honors graduate of Academy for Dog Trainers, earning her CTC in February, 2017. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from The University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She also has experience in dog boarding and day care.

Tovah’s inspiration for further her education in dog aggression came when she rescued Den, who struggled with stranger danger. Tovah’s struggle to find competent help for Den in their time of need fuels Tovah’s passion for helping fearful and reactive dogs and their owners get the relief they need. As a trainer, she enjoys helping people and dogs regain their bond with each other.
Outside of dogs, Tovah works as a transformational coach and facilitator, helping people. She and her daughter enjoy taking Den on hikes in the Ozark Mountains.

Rexanna Bell

 Dog Trainer

Rexanna is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science and a minor in Psychology. Her educational background sparked her interest in animal behavior, and her love for dogs inspired her to want to understand them better. 


She developed a passion for training while working with her own puppy in 2016, and quickly fell in love with the world of dog training and dog sports. She has experience in dog daycare, pet sitting, agility, and nosework. Her years of experience in dog daycare have helped her to be familiar with many different breeds and temperaments. 


She loves working with new, and experienced pet parents, to help them better communicate with their dogs. Her areas of focus are the fundamentals of training and early learning, obtained through a reinforcement based, progressive training plan. 


She enjoys spending her free time with her husband and their two Boxers. They enjoy the outdoors, and also a quiet night in, cuddled up with their dogs.

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