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Fear & Reactivity

Any scenario where your dog is fearful or reactive is stressful for all involved. It can even feel impossible to go for walks or to have visitors over. Fortunately, there are plans and strategies that we can put in place to make these events much less stressful for both you and your dog. 

The key to success in fear and reactivity training is to teach our dogs that the things they fear are actually pretty cool.

Ever heard of Pavlov's dog? He learned that a bell predicted dinner and eventually started to salivate when he heard the bell. You've seen this in action any time you grab your dog's food bowl or leash and he comes barreling toward you. It isn't that he loves those sounds. He loves what they predict: good stuff for him. 

We can actually train dogs to like stuff using the same principles and a carefully-executed, incremental plan. It's really powerful stuff that can transform your life with your dog. It can help you break through the communication barriers and get back to the joy. Because your dog is awesome and you want others to see it. We can't wait to show you how. 


Image by Tadeusz Lakota

How we can help alleviate the stress for you and your dog:

How Training Works

All fear and reactivity training is done online via Zoom. This allows your dog to focus on the task at hand without worrying about the strange trainer that's been thrown into the mix. An important part of our training process is keeping your dog under threshold, meaning he isn't rehearsing the fearful behaviors that cause you both so much stress. We coach you remotely so that we can get right to training immediately, without having to wait for your dog to warm up to us.


Not only is it practical, it's highly effective. It allows us to focus on the nitty gritty of your technique by reviewing video in freeze frame so we can analyze all the minutia that really matters. It also facilitates short but sweet sessions that leave your dog wanting more. 

Does your dog bark and lunge specifically at other dogs (not humans) and only when on-leash?If so, visit our Manners page.

Think you'll need more help?

Bundle and save with a Fear & Reactivity package.

  • Fear/Reactivity Plus

    3 Online Sessions
    Valid for one year
    • One (1) Initial Video Consult
    • Two (2) Follow-Up Video Consults
    • Dogs with one clear trigger (big dogs, men w/ beards, etc.)
    • Dogs with no bite history
    • Dogs who warm up quickly
  • Fear/Reactivity Pro

    5 Online Sessions
    Valid for one year
    • One (1) Initial Video Consult
    • Four (4) Follow-Up Video Consults
    • Dogs who have bitten, but have done no damage
    • Dogs who have 1-3 clear triggers (bikes, food bowl, etc.)
    • Dogs who warm up eventually
  • Fear/React. Premium

    10 Online Sessions
    Valid for one year
    • One (1) Initial Video Consult
    • Nine (9) Follow-Up Video Consults
    • Dogs with many and/or unclear triggers
    • Dogs who have bitten and done damage
    • Dogs who rarely warm up to triggers

Need to schedule your follow-up appointment? Do so below. 

(If you have purchased a package, you won't be charged at check out.)

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