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Separation Anxiety Training

Does your dog panic when you leave? Does he tear up your house, especially around exit points? Does he vocalize the entire time you're away, and your neighbors are starting to complain? Is he having accidents inside, even though he's already potty-trained? 

Separation Anxiety is one of the hardest behavior problems to live with. But there is hope. 

Together, we will work through a systematic training plan to help your dog learn that alone-time is no big deal. It's a tried and true process that has been proven time and time again to effectively alleviate your dog's distress and give you life back. No more feeling like a prisoner in your own home. 

And because separation anxiety training is most effectively done remotely (your dog needs to be alone after all), we are able to help you from anywhere around the globe!

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Our Approach


Your Trainer

All of our separation anxiety programs are run by All Dogs Go To Kevin's owner and founder, Kevin Duggan. Kevin is an Honors graduate of the renowned Academy for Dog Trainers. He is also an Approved SA Pro Trainer. 

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Ready to get started?

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