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Wondering what happened to your cute, well-behaved puppy?

Whether you're hoping to get jumping under control or finally be able to have guests over, we can help you reach your goals. It's never too late to teach a dog which behaviors are appropriate (and which are not). 

Your naughty dog can be the well-behaved pup you've always wanted. 
We'll help you teach them how.

So how do we do it? It's simple. We break everything down, step-by-step, to break through the human-dog communication barrier. Your dog becomes super clear about the behavior that is expected and knows it will be the most rewarding. It’s the smart route to a sociable, well-mannered dog that is a pleasure for anyone to be around.

We know that behaviors get stronger each time they are repeated, so we stop the ones we dislike in their tracks. 


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How we can help you reach your behavior and training goals:

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It's never too late or too early to teach your dog to behave. 

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