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Training for the life you lead.

We set you up for a lifetime of fun, love and joy with your dog. It’s training for the real world, based on a detailed knowledge of how dogs learn and an understanding of your goals and needs as a dog-loving guardian. All Dogs Go To Kevin is always positive. We know how to motivate and how to reinforce the behavior you want: that’s how we get results.

Our training is:


We utilize tried and tested techniques, based on extensive knowledge of dog behavior so training really sticks. 


We break your goals down into incremental steps that allow you to follow a plan so that you see progress quickly. 


We understand that sometimes it feels as if you just can’t communicate with your dog. We break down the barriers.


Our approach is based on two years of education with one of the leading programs in dog training and behavior.

If you are just making a start on the journey to a well-mannered pet, want to accelerate your training program or need to tackle a particular problem, such as jumping up, pulling on the leash or barking and lunging, read on to see how the ADGTK way can make a difference for life you lead together.

What Our Clients Say

Becca H.

"Helpful, compassionate, and supportive staff. Thank you for walking us through the puppy struggles. Your advice and extra phone calls and e-mails went above and beyond! We went through a really tough time with our little guy’s behavior and are now seeing so many improvements."

Anna C.

"Two weeks in and I am amazed at how much my puppy and I have learned! I didn’t know it was possible to teach a puppy so quick to do so many things. You definitely start right away, and Veronica knows what she is doing!"

Debbie S. 

"The instructors are knowledgeable, professional, and offer hands-on help with training. The lessons are broken into manageable segments for puppies and puppy parents. The homework sheets are easy to follow and make it simple to practice what is learned in class."  

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Roger Caras

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