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Teaching Your Dog To Come When Called

This week, Kevin shares strategies for teaching what we believe might be the most important behavior for a dog to learn - the recall. A dog who reliably comes when called has a fuller life, as he is able to be off-leash (in areas where it's permitted, of course!) and express normal dog behaviors. And in an emergency situation (door bolters, we're thinking about you), a solid recall could save your dog's life.

So if your dog's recall could use some work, we encourage you to watch this live and get to training. You'll learn:

  1. What to do: Did you know there is a very systematic way to train a reliable recall? There are some key steps and details that need to be attended to, and Kevin lays it all out for you.

  2. What not to do: In the same way, there are some very specific things that you may be doing that are making it harder for you to train a solid come when called. Kevin explains how these common errors get in the way of your training.

  3. Management and prevention: Any effective training protocol involves management to prevent your dog from practicing doing the wrong thing (selective hearing, anyone?). Learn how to avoid situations in which your dog blows you off.

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