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Got A Window Barker?

Does your dog bark a lot at things out the window? If I had to guess, I’d say 1 out of 10 dogs can look out the window at things and not bark. Seriously, it’s rare for a dog to just calmly watch the world.

Most dogs don’t get out all that much. This leads to pet parents wanting to at least give their dogs a view of the outside world. But is this actually providing enrichment for our dogs in a beneficial way? I think the answer will surprise you!

If your dog looks out the window all day and is constantly on high alert, they’re probably actually in a constant state of stress. This is going to likely lead to lots of barking and running from window to window. In most cases dogs start to think that their barking is causing the thing to do away which can reinforce the barking causing the barking to get worse and worse.

Our recommendation is to either:

1. Limit window time

2. Only have supervised window time

3. Close blinds or put up frosted window stickers

4. Practice lots of “leave it” and coming when called

Number 3 will be the easiest and most effective. Frosted window stickers allow light in but prevent dogs from seeing everything that goes by. And if you’re looking to add in more enrichment, consider work to eat toys for all of your dogs meals.

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