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Coping with Fireworks with your Dog

This week, Kevin shares insights on coping with fireworks with your dog. In this live video, he discusses:

  1. Signs of stress: Is your dog really upset? Learn how to tell if he is downright afraid, mildly uncomfortable and everything in between.

  2. Ways to manage stress: So much of your dog's discomfort can be prevented from ever happening in the first place by managing the environment. Learn strategies to help on the front end, before fear even enters the equation.

  3. Using meds to help: Can meds provide relief, or they just a bandaid for the problem? Kevin explains why we always recommend consulting with a veterinarian about medication if your dog is experiencing panic during fireworks.

  4. Behavior modification: Once you understand how severe your dog's fear is and how to manage it, you can then take on the important task of changing how you dog feels. We can actually teach them to tolerate, even enjoy, things that spook them with sound behavior modification plans.

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