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A Quick Halloween Guide For Your Dog

Halloween is a lot of fun for people but can be a bit scary for our dogs. Many dogs struggle when people knock on the door. Those struggles can get even worse when the people knocking on the door are dressed up in different costumes. Here are 3 things you can do to help your dog on Halloween: 1. Set up a table and chairs at the end of your driveway and keep your dog indoors with the blinds closed. There is a very good chance that your dog will have no idea what’s even going on. 2. If you’re going to have visitors coming to your door, consider having your dog in a place that they’re comfortable in. In some cases you’ll want to have them behind a couple of barriers. If possible, open the door before the knocking or bell ringing actually takes place.

3. Have some goodies prepared ahead of time for your dog. Whether you’re going to be inside with your dog or your dog is going to be inside alone, have some different options available. You can stuff a Kong and freeze it ahead of time. You can also look into other safe chew options. (Bully sticks etc.)

If you’re going to have your dog out and about for the festivities watch the body language closely. You’ll want to look for signs of avoidance, panting, lip licking or even yawning. If you have your dog out and ignore these stress signs you’re likely going to see an increase in these stress signs in the future which could lead to fear or aggression.

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