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4 Easy Ways to Stop Leash Biting

Many young dogs at some point on the walk look up, grab the leash and start playing tug. It’s so common that I was at a stop light the other day and saw it happening. And then the very next day on the same street, I saw it happening with another dog and person. In some ways this is a good problem. If your dog is playing tug with the leash, they’re most likely feeling happy and confident. On the other hand though, if they’re doing this, they may be a bit bored. If this is happening to you, here are some ways to curb it: 1. Walk in new areas

Switching it up and allowing your dog to investigate things could be the solution. Your dog may enjoy all the new sights and smells and not even think about grabbing the leash. Consider heading to a different neighborhood, park or greenway. 2. Bring food

If you have a type of food that your dog really enjoys, you can use that to reward behaviors you’d rather see instead. Generally you end up rewarding your dog for walking next to you and looking up at you. This means you’re going to get more of that and less leash biting. Definitely bring a "higher value" food for this.

3. Carry two leashes

This isn’t at the top of the list, but it can be effective. If your dog starts grabbing one leash, grab the other one and release the first one. Doing so means that your dog isn’t going to get any accidental games of tug from you. This one may not work for all dogs, but can be effective.

4. Play tug beforehand

If your dog loves tug, give them an appropriate outlet before the walk starts. This will help stimulate your dog and drain some of their battery. And since they just had an appropriate outlet for tugging, it’s less likely to appear on walks. Doing one or a combination of these can certainly work. Like anything, consistency is key.

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