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About Us

Kevin and Kelly own and operate All Dogs Go To Kevin. They both found their way to professional dog training when working with their own dogs on reactivity, which left them with an insatiable desire to help other dogs and their people on the same path. Kevin opened ADGTK in 2012. He is an Honors Graduate of the world-renowned Academy for Dog Trainers, an institution widely regarded as the “Harvard for Dog Trainers.” 

Kelly graduated with Honors from The Academy in 2013, and began working as the Behavior and Training Manager at the Louisiana SPCA that same year. She currently coaches and mentors students and works on several other projects at The Academy, in addition to her work at ADGTK.

Kevin and Kelly share their home with their son Dexter and two dogs: V and Rosa.

But the success of ADGTK could not be possible without the amazing team of dog-loving experts who work tirelessly to help dogs and humans live more harmoniously together. 

Our Approach

Our Approach


The ADGTK way is the way of the dog. It’s training that’s in tune with the way a dog learns and at their pace. We structure our training thoroughly. We break everything down, step-by-step, to break through the human-dog communication barrier. Your dog becomes super clear about the behavior that is expected and knows it will be the most rewarding. It’s the smart route to a sociable, well-mannered dog that is a pleasure for anyone to be around.  


We don’t work on trial and error. Our methods are drawn from a rigorous study of dog behavior. We know how to motivate, reinforce and reward so there’s no need for harshness or dominance and you get results. 


It’s important to us, too, to share the ‘why’ of our training approach as well as the ‘how’ so that you can have confidence we’re doing the best for you and your dog for the long term. After every ADGTK program, you’ll have a foundation of great skills yourself that you can apply to all the different situations, environments and adventures you’ll encounter in your lives together.


The ADGTK Way can: 

  • Fast track basic obedience and manners with fun group classes or intensive day training

  • Give puppies the right start for a confident life

  • Build great social skills out and about in the world so your dog is welcome wherever you go

  • Tackle behavior problems such as lunging and barking at other dogs on leash or at gates and fences, jumping up at guests, over exuberance with other dogs on walks, leash pulling, food or object guarding 

Our methods are: 

  • Designed around the way dogs learn for efficient training

  • Smart, structured plans to take away the frustration of stalled progress 

  • Positive, rewarding methods to motivate and make training fun for you and your dog